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Hide & Seek - Aimee Laine Hide & Seek by the lovely and talented Aimee Laine is a hardcore romantic’s dream come true. It’s filled to the brim with conflict, intrigue, heart-melting romance, a hot guy who is flawed but sweet, a heroine who knows what she wants, and enough sexual tension to set the house on fire. Not to mention the poetic writing style and scenery I disappeared into like a daydream.

Five big ones from me! ☆☆☆☆☆

Let’s begin with the cover. Yummy, right? What a spectacular view. The cityscape of Paris isn’t bad, either. ;)

The blend of colors and different fonts give a sense of warmth, and the delicious man-god staring at something we can’t see adds a bit of intrigue.

Lexi is bored with her life as a real estate agent, though her moral compass won’t let her use her Zeus-given abilities to find anything that will get her into trouble. Until she runs into the delicious Mr. Fox on the beach one night. I could almost feel the sparks flying between the two, and my own anxiety jacked up because I wanted her to say to hell with her misgivings and be with him.

Hide & Seek is essentially a story about learning to trust. Lexi and Tripp’s talents work against one another, and it’s that air of distrust that stands between them along with Zeus’s little paradox he cursed them with. Add to that an ex-fiance who won’t take Tripp’s no for an answer, and her Daddy who wants to keep her happy, and there is one giant mountain Lexi and Tripp have to climb to find happiness together. One quiet enjoyable for us readers to squirm in our seats while we follow along with their ups and downs.

I quite enjoyed this tale and I have to say, it had THEE most romantic ending of all time. Well done, Ms. Laine.