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The Devil Inside - Jenna Black This book got a little better by the end, but I still don't like the main character very much. She's is very self serving and almost juvenile in her responses to everything which made me want to smack her half the time. I wanted to connect with her, I just couldn't find anything to like about her. Even when she was trying to be noble, I found her annoying.

The author spent too much time on going for the "shock value" of the content, which I suppose would shock some readers, but being a fan of Laurell K. Hamilton, I've BTDT. I would have liked to see more actual plot, investigative work, instead of so much whipping and screaming. The murder frame-up came up, and was exciting, then fell off the map and was never mentioned again. Quite disappointing.

I did, however, like Lugh and Adam, which might just be enough to make me read on in the series. Not sure, though. I'll think on it a bit.