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The Immortal Highlander - Karen Marie Moning Adam Black. I could leave the review right there and say all I needed to, only add a little whispery sigh when you say his name, and there you have it. The delicious fae blacksmith has appeared through out the series as somewhat of an antagonist, a wild card, and damn sexy in every last one with his shining black locks and body to die for. He’s arrogant and full of himself, so sure of his effect on women and sexual prowess.

KMM really ripped him a new one in this book, starting right off with a bang right after the last book ended. He’s not the same, having suffered a punishment by the fae queen for defying her yet again. He meets his match in Gabrielle, a Sidhe-Seer who is the only one anywhere who can see him, and the only one who doesn’t want to.

The way the relationship progresses from two stubborn heads butting together, to sexual tension almost unbearable to take is so natural and believable, I was nearly shouting at the characters to shut it and get naked already! There were sweet moments, too, and misunderstandings between them that made the story all the more interesting. There are some seriously hot scenes in this one, even hotter than in book one with Hawk.

Loved. Every. Page.

Five stars, as usual. I’m not a sappy romance kind of person, yet this one really lit my fire. Hard won relationship, hot alpha male who is far from perfect, and a heroine who I could identify with put this book in a class above the rest.