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Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning I started reading book one of this series last week. Within a few chapters, I put it down again for one reason: I hated the writing style. I didn't like that the author told so much. She'd tell me what was about to happen, jump ahead a few scenes, then tell what had happened during the action-packed bits we'd skipped over instead of showing us those scenes. I wanted those scenes.

Having said that, I kept picking the book back up. Suddenly I was devouring the second. Then the third, and didn't stop until I reached the end of this one. What the hell? What was it about the books, with a writing style I hated, that kept drawing me back in like the Sinsaur Duhb itself?

Just the story? The characters? The incredible heat between Mac and Jericoh? The intrigue of what he was, what she was? The sex-by-death fae? The silvers? The mystery of the king and his concubine? The depth of thought that came out of the dialogue and interactions? The answer is, all of the above.

I loved Jericoh, a total wild card. Hot. Mysterious. He had me guessing until the very end as to his motives and how he felt about Mac. She, too, is a mystery up until the very end and it's rare I haven't figured out the plot before it plays out. This is a clever series that taught me a lot about layers of writing, some surface, some middle, and some so deep I had to stop and consider the meaning before going on.

All in all, this series is imaginative and thought provoking. I still missed my scenes, but it wasn't enough to hinder my enjoyment. This is a series I'll probably read multiple times and find more hidden gems each time through.