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Iron Crowned - Richelle Mead Ok...wow. I don't even know where to begin. The first two books in this series were okay as series openers. By book three, though, I expect some character building, a little depth to those people I'm investing my hours in. What dark little nuggets in their past will help me understand them better? Especially when they're acting like spoiled children. And making ridiculous, un-thought-out choices without any regard for who they're hurting. Nothing, really? No flash-backs or insights into their psyches?

The entire cast is a total flat-line for me. The only one I kind of like is Dorian, but I still only know him on the surface, which has little substance. Tim is totally out of place in this book. He's a total fail on the side-kick front. And Eugenie, oh, hell, Eugenie. She has no loyalty, no redeeming qualities at all that I can locate on the moral map. She gets pissed with Dorian and goes to screw Kiyo. Gets pissed with Kiyo and goes to screw Dorian. WTF?

Even the sex scenes fall flat because, first, there's no anticipation or build-up of heart and affection behind any of it. Second, the writing of those scenes is...well...dreadfully boring and repetitive. Honestly, I've skipped most of them, and that's usually part that has me turning pages, to see two characters come together. But since she's just screwing whoever and whenever, well...what's the point?

I was happy when she ended up with Dorian, but how easily she tossed him aside in this book without even a discussion killed this whole series for me. Even if the baby had ended up his to tie them together and make him a little bit happy, I could have accepted that. Nah. This is the end of the road for this series for me.